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SQMS 2016-2017 Supply List


 Box of pencils, pens, erasers          Protractor/Compass

 Colored pencils, markers                 3-4- 1.5 inch binders

 Glue stick                                         Stylus (optional)

 Scissors                                           6 pkgs loose leaf

 1 pkg graph paper                           5 duotangs

 30 cm ruler                                     

 Phys ed gear (active wear/indoor sneakers)

                               See you all on September 8th!                                       



The last day of school is WEDNESDAY, JUNE 29th.


Students will receive their report cards that day.


Dismissal will be 10:40 am :)

Reminder to students!

**A reminder to students to bring in all their textbooks by Wednesday, June 29th especially Math 7 textbooks**


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