Mersey River Water Monitoring Project

We had a small group of student scientists continue Stella Bowles water monitoring project here in Liverpool. Here is a short summary of our results. I'm very proud of our students and their dedication to the diligent process. For more information please visit Stella's site or on facebook, LaHave River: Stella's Science Project.

Fecal Bacteria Monitoring
The mersey river water monitoring project is all about testing water to see the level of fecal bacteria in the water. The presence of fecal bacteria in the water means the water has been contaminated by one or more sources of fecal waste. They are called E. coil and enterococci. According to the Health Canada water quality guidelines bacteria results that are higher than 70 entrococci/100mL means it is not safe to swim, surf or kayak (otherwise known as primary contact). If bacteria results are higher than 175 entrococci/100mL that means it is not safe to go fishing, sailing, canoeing. Otherwise known as secondary contact where it is not safe for it to touch your skin.