Celebrating SQMS

Well....we didn't get to do our traditional end of year awards ceremony but the staff thought we should still celebrate the success of our students so Ms Wilson and Mr Killam organized our "ceremony"! This year our coaches gave out our traditional sports awards and the staff decided on some special awards to give to some of our Grade 8 students.

Ms Laura Wilson stepped up to the plate and developed this awesome video to capture the accomplishments of some but to also celebrate all of our students with as many clips and pictures as the staff could find from our very short year. Thank you Ms Wilson (and everyone else who contributed!)

We are so very proud of each and every SQMS student! Hard work and perseverance definitely pays off!! We are especially proud of the way you all conducted yourselves during the last 4 months! It definitely was not easy but you did it!!!

We want to wish our Grade 8s all the best as they head "up the hill" to LRHS! Go forth, do great things and always be kind!

To our Grade 6s and 7s...we cannot wait to see you next year! We don't know yet what that will look like or when it will happen but we will be so happy when it does!!!

Please enjoy our video!  Click on link below