Information for Parents/Guardians and Students

Good Afternoon SQMS Families,

As we head into the long weekend, we wanted to share some information with you so that you and your child will know what to expect as we navigate through our procedures and protocols.  We want to assure you that the staff here are very happy to have the students back and are committed to making sure SQMS is a safe space for all of us.

Please pay close attention to what is listed below.  These are extremely important for all of us to follow.

  • All requests from the region are aligned with Public Health directives
  • Masks must be put on before getting on the school bus and must be worn to travel on school buses – all grade levels
  • Masks will be worn in classrooms at all times except for when eating lunch
  • As long as physical distancing can be maintained, students will not have to wear their masks in Phys ed class or outside
  • There is limited access to buildings to ensure the safety of students
  • Covid-19 checklists for symptoms are to be completed daily before students leave for school (please see the or the SQMS Facebook page)
  • It’s important for families to have a plan for pick up - emergency contact should a student become ill during the school day
  • Students that become ill during the day will not be transported home on the bus
  • Be aware of your school drop off and pick up procedures which may look different this year in compliance with Public Health directives:

-If being driven by parents, students cannot be dropped off before 8:05 am

-If students need to be picked up from school, we are asking parents to please wait in your car, call the office and we will send him/her out to you

  • There will be no bus notes given out – except for child care, custodial arrangements and jobs
  • Students must bring their own water bottles from home; they will be able to fill them from the water filling stations
  • No student fees will be charged at this time
  • As we will be going outside as much as possible, students need to be prepared with hoodies, jackets, etc.
  • No lockers will be in use at this time.  As a result, it is suggested that students only bring as few supplies until they work out with their teachers what will be absolutely necessary.
  • Students in band: Please DO NOT bring your instruments the first week
  • Cafeteria: The cafeteria will be running on a smaller scale but will be changing as we move along.  For the time being, students will only be able to purchase lunch items; there will be no recess food for sale until we get going.  We will be adding to the cafeteria choices as we go and we will keep you updated on these changes.  Students should try to bring their own snacks from home. 

-Students will order their lunch from an adult in the foyer before they head to their homeroom.  Lunch will be $3 for soup OR sandwich.  For purchase we will also have milk (.40 cents), juice ($1.00) and water ($1.00)

-Lunch will be delivered to the students’ homeroom before lunch; all students will eat their lunch in their homerooms

-MENU: Next week the sandwich choices will be Egg, Tuna or Ham.  The soup for Tuesday will be Chicken Noodle

  • Microwaves will not be permitted to be used
  • Please remember that we are a nut free building.  We have severe nut allergies in both adults and students in the building
  • Guidelines may change throughout the year as Public Health directives change – please keep an eye on our the SSRCE website (

If you have any questions or are unsure of anything, please do not hesitate to contact us at 902-354-7640.  We are excited to have a great year!!

Terry and Stacy