South Queens Middle School Staff 2019-20

We appreciate all of the hard work and dedication of our staff. Below is a list of the current staff members serving at South Queens.


Terry Stewart


Stacy Thorburn


Sonya Cook


Administrative Assistants

Cheryl Selig

Teaching Staff

Wendy Allen

Kallie Koliotassis

Tyler Dorey

Greg Killam

Sarah Tutty

Mike Vandertoorn

Jill Leuschner

Laura WIlson

John Tutty

Jeremy Dunn

Garren Surette

Erin Harmes

Amanda Prosser

Brooke Connors

Teacher Assistants

Holly Grant

Kim Davis

Lindsay Lowe

Alicia Cross

Athene Hinchcliffe

Lauren Wood

Gail Hemeon


Brian Oickle

Tony Dagley

Ashley Roy

Student Support Worker

Shelly Whynot

Bus Drivers

Jason Norman

Tom Cook

Allan White

Joanne Ozon

David Flemming

Devin Whynot

Charlotte Parks

Nancy Grant

Ed Hathaway

Glenn Burgess

Burton Roy

Greg Whynot

Jamie Evans

Cafeteria Workers

Samantha Murphy


Sally Tanner

School Psychologist

Blathnaid Foley