Access to Powerschool Student-Parent Portal

This information was taken from the "InSchool" web site:

The video at the end of this article is useful for those troubleshooting while setting up an account.

Student-Parent Portal

By logging on to your own private online account, the new student-parent portal gives you real-time access to attendance grades & assignments for your student(s).

Click on the demonstration video below to get a real sense of what you can expect when your school launches the portal.

Please keep in mind, the introduction of student-parent portal functionality will vary among schools and school boards.  For example, many schools will start by publishing attendance and school bulletins first, adding grades and assignments at a later date.

How do I get started?

Click on these links for help on how to sign up for and use the portal.

How to Sign Up for the Portal – for Parents & Guardians

How to Use the Student-Parent Portal

InSchool Parent Portal Demonstration Video
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Running Time: 5:25 mins 

InSchool Parent Portal Demonstration Video (Closed Captioning)
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Running Time: 5:25 mins