7-Allen - Novembre 2020


1.  You will have the French period on Monday to put the finishing touches on the Animal Booklet. The writing component and the illustration of "Le livret sur les animaux" is due on Monday, December 7th. 

2.  You will have until Friday, December 11th to record the oral reading of your booklet.  The book outline can be found in Google Classroom.


1. Please complete Question #2 of A ton tour page 53 for Monday.

2. The salmon coloured page is due.

3. Please bring the completed the first side of the "Conversion de Fractions (A)" page to class on Monday, Dec. 7th.

4. The purple page on Simplifying fractions and converting Improper Fractions to Mixed Fractions was due yesterday: Tuesday, Dec. 1st.  


1.  We will have 2 more periods to work on the play. 


1. We will finish the test on Monday.


1. We will finish the test on Monday.