7-Allen - septembre 2021

*Please get your Vaccination forms, your Student Information sheet and the Permission to Publish your Work/Photo page signed. 


1.  If you did not present your project on "5 people and 10 classroom objects", you will present Monday during French class.

2. Today (Thursday) you received a package of "French Accents" pages.  You may start working on them, however they are not for homework.  We will talk about "Les accents" on Monday.

3. La date pour Dictée #1 est mardi le 28 septembre.
Voici les phrases pour la dictée #1:
1.  J'ai un dictionnaire.
2.  Tu as une règle.
3.  Elle a un casier.
4.  Nous avons un pupitre.
5.  Elles ont deux gommes.
6.  Il a un trombone.
7.  J'ai des marqueurs.
8.  Vous avez une calculatrice.
9.  Elle a un stylo et un livre.
10.  Il a une carte et un cahier.


1. The questions(#1 and 2) on page 54 in the textbook are not for homework.

Sciences humaines 

1. Please make sure that you have completed all 5 assignments.  If you did not submit them today, they are to be completed at home.


 1. Test on the body parts song "Bonjour Monsieur"on Wednesday, Sept. 29th.




1. Please complete question sheet that was given on Wednesday and the textbook questions #4, 5 and 10 on page 25 in your textbook.

Social Studies

1. Please make sure that you have completed all of the actvities #1 to 5.