7-Allen (mars 2019)

*Film tomorrow (Friday, March 15th) in Bridgewater. Please bring your permission form to school!


1.  Please complete the sheet on "La négation" that you received today, for tomorrow (Friday, March 15th).

Maths - 

1.  Please complete the first side of the orange "Patterns and Relationships" review sheets.

Santé -  1.  Please bring in a photo or take a photo of a photo of you between the ages of 5 to 8 for next Day 2.

Sciences humaines: 

8 - Tutty - Maths (mars 2019)

1. Please complete the Percentages review sheets Part A, B andC for tomorrow (Friday, March 15th).

8Tutty - English

Please finish the questions for the short story "Run Sheep, Run" for class on Wednesday. 

Please finish the newspaper title reading comprehension page for next class.(Jan. 9th)

Journal #1 due tomorrow (Dec 6th).

Writing Letter Assignment Due November 13th  (next Day 1)

Content Test on The Outsiders November 9th (next Day 6)

Rewrite for spelling vocabulary test Monday 5th at lunch

Rewrite for Spelling Vocabulary Test on the words from The Outsiders Wednesday Oct 24th (at recess).

Spelling Vocabulary Test on the words from The Outsiders (found in Google Classroom) Tuesday Oct. 16 (next DAY 1)

Write a response to Sodapop explaining what has happened over the past week.  Should be at LEAST 4 paragraphs long,  Due next day 6 (Oct. 3)

Finish the essay (2-3 paragraphs MINIMUM) - What can or should parents do or say, to show their children they care for them? - Due Monday Sept. 24 (Day 6)