Lunch Specials October 5 - October 9

Monday - Lasagne with ceasar salad and garlic toast

Tuesday - Toasted western sandwich with soup

Wednesday - Sweet & Sour Meatballs with rice

Thursday - Thanksgiving Dinner with all the trimmings!!  *$5.00*

Friday - Pizza with the works with salad

**$4.00 for all specials include small white milk except Thanksgiving Dinner is $5.00**

**Please preorder your Thanksgiving Dinner on or before Tuesday, October 6/15.**

                                    BON APPETIT!!

Lunch Specials September 28 - October 2

Monday - Lasagne with garlic toast

Tuesday - Grilled ham & cheese sandwich with chicken noodle soup

Wednesday - Early Dismissal - Off menu only

Thursday - Cheeseburger sliders (2) with oven baked fries

Friday - Donair pizza with salad

**$4.00 All specials include small white milk**

                                    BON APPETIT!!


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