Track Postponed

Track and field events for today are postponed. VERY IMPORTANT - Thursday events STAY THE SAME, and will proceed as scheduled. That means that tomorrow is relay day. Students that have events planned for today will now be on Friday instead (for example - hurdles are now Friday). The organizers felt that this would impact that least amount of student travel. We will meet with the students today to go over the change. Please feel free to call the school with any questions.


We are pleased to share that Mrs. Sonya Cook won a National award for teaching excellence in Health and Physical eductaion this year.

Congratulations Mrs. Cook on your innovative work in health education. 


Human Trafficking Presentation

Thank you to Jennifer Holleman for her moving presenation "Being Maddison's Voice" on the Human Trafficking trade in Canada.  Our thoughts are with you and others who have lost loved ones.


Transportation Survey

Dear Parents, Guardians and Staff,

As a follow up to the changes in the Liverpool schools start/stop times for the 2018-19 school year, we would like you to complete the a survey to gather your feedback on the changes that were made last year. This one-year review of the start-stop times is in accordance with policy under the direction of the Programs and Student Services Division of the SSRCE.

The survey will close on Monday, May 6. To complete it now, please find the link in your email that was sent by the South Shore Regional Center for Educaiotn.

Thank you,

South Shore Regional Centre for Education


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