Community Health Workers Available in Schools

Role of the Community Health Worker in Your School


There is a community health worker available to students in our schools. As a South Shore Health employee, his/her role is to provide support to our grades 7-12 students in the areas of substance use, mental health, and sexual health. Students may access this support directly, on their own or in consultation with guidance, school administration, or other school staff. Another role of the community health worker is to connect students with other specialized health services, when required, such as clinical therapists and nurse practitioners. As health services, this involvement is confidential, provided the student is considered competent to consent (in Nova Scotia, there is no age of consent for health services).


If your son or daughter would like to access these services, please have him/her contact the school counsellor or administration or phone South Shore Health at (902) 543-5400 to find out the days these services are available.

Alert Solutions (Attendance Alerts)

South Queens Middle School is using "Alert Solutions" for attendance alerts this year. We have the new system up and running and calls and texts are going home when students miss time (that has not been excused). Please call the school or send in a note to the office to excuse absences (902 354 7640).  This system is dependent on teachers entering attendance each period. Athough every effort is made for this data to be accurate, mistakes can be made. Please give us a call if you notice a discrepancy. Thank you for your patience.

Student Drop Off and Pick Up

Please ensure that you DO NOT enter the bus loop when picking up or dropping off students. This is a very busy place. The bus loop is for busses only. You are very welcome to drop students off, but please do so using the lane off of Old Bridge street following the arrows as indicated. Thank you for your co-operation with this important matter.

Access to Powerschool Student-Parent Portal

This information was taken from the "InSchool" web site:

The video at the end of this article is useful for those troubleshooting while setting up an account.

Student-Parent Portal

By logging on to your own private online account, the new student-parent portal gives you real-time access to attendance grades & assignments for your student(s).

Click on the demonstration video below to get a real sense of what you can expect when your school launches the portal.

Please keep in mind, the introduction of student-parent portal functionality will vary among schools and school boards.  For example, many schools will start by publishing attendance and school bulletins first, adding grades and assignments at a later date.

How do I get started?

Click on these links for help on how to sign up for and use the portal.

How to Sign Up for the Portal – for Parents & Guardians

How to Use the Student-Parent Portal

InSchool Parent Portal Demonstration Video
File Format: mp4
File Size: 78.2 MB
Running Time: 5:25 mins 

InSchool Parent Portal Demonstration Video (Closed Captioning)
File Format: mp4
File Size: 36.3 MB
Running Time: 5:25 mins

Access to PowerSchool Student-Parent Portal

Our school is offering you real time access to your child(ren's) attendance and other course related information through the Internet using the Powerschool Student-Parent Portal website.  Letters are being sent home today, (January 21st) outlining how to access the account. You will need the following to get started:

1. Internet access - web site is

2. Confidential Access ID (specific to each student and sent home in the letter)

3. Access Password (also sent home in the letter)

Specific instructions for using the student-parent portal can be found at by visiting the "Student-Parent Portal" section.

Should you have questions/concerns please contact the Vice Principal, Karen Seamone at 354-7640 or



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