SQMS Parent/Guardian iPad Use Survey

Thank you to those that were in attendance for our TECH TUESDAY session here at SQMS this evening! We asked that participants complete a survey to help us better plan future sessions and support families as they navigate iPad use and student programming. We invite parent/guardian(s) that were unable to attend to complete this survey by clicking on the link below. It is a 10 question survey that will help us gain very important information around how we can work together to support our students and you, their families!

Please click on the link to begin the survey. Thank you!



PS Watch for information on our next session--- Intro to apps and SHOWBIE!! (Tuesday, March 31st)

TECH TUESDAY 7:00 PM (Feb 24th)

You are invited to join us for our very first TECH TUESDAY gathering! Our staff has been working on ways to connect parents/guardians with the work that students are doing here at South Queens Middle School. We are hoping that you will join us, iPad in hand- to learn more about the great things that we are doing to enhance student programming using technology. Our resource teacher as well as several staff members will explore basic iPad use as well as specific apps and organizational strategies for you and your students. We will share information on iPad security, ITunes accounts and overall iPad use.

When? FEB 24th at 7:00 pm at SQMS

Stay tuned for future (more detailed sessions) on iTunesU and Showbie as well as Notability. These programs are used each day in our school,  allowing for timely feedback, accessible group/individual programming from anywhere!! We are very excited about the work that students are doing and welcome you to explore with us!

Students are welcome to attend these sessions. iPads are a must! :)




How proud are we???!!!!

Our premier visited SQMS a week ago which was a pretty great day for us! Hearing what he had to say about what he saw here made this a pretty great day!! We are very proud of our school!! Check it out!




Community Health Workers Available in Schools

Role of the Community Health Worker in Your School


There is a community health worker available to students in our schools. As a South Shore Health employee, his/her role is to provide support to our grades 7-12 students in the areas of substance use, mental health, and sexual health. Students may access this support directly, on their own or in consultation with guidance, school administration, or other school staff. Another role of the community health worker is to connect students with other specialized health services, when required, such as clinical therapists and nurse practitioners. As health services, this involvement is confidential, provided the student is considered competent to consent (in Nova Scotia, there is no age of consent for health services).


If your son or daughter would like to access these services, please have him/her contact the school counsellor or administration or phone South Shore Health at (902) 543-5400 to find out the days these services are available.


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