Dear Families,

Hope you are all doing well!  We just wanted to update you with the plan for Term 3 report cards and what you can expect them to look like.

The plan is that the report card will be emailed to you following the same procedure as Term 2 report cards (through email).  If you received the Term 2 report card via mail, that will still continue.  We are planing for Term 3 report cards to be delivered between June 24th and June 26th.  This is to give us some room in case any glitches arise.

We have been given direction from the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development as to what the report cards will look like.  What you can expect to see is a comment only for Math, English Language Arts/French Language Arts, Science and Social Studies.  All other subjects will be left blank.  You will also notice that there will not be a mark given for any subject; the column for where the mark should be will have N/A as will the Learner Profiles.

If you have any questions about the report card, please do not hesitate to contact Mr Stewart (sqmsprincipal@ssrce.ca) or Ms Thorburn (sqmsvp@ssrce.ca).

Thank you again for your continued co-operation and support!

SQMS Administration 

Information Regarding Student Belongings Pick Up

June 2, 2020


Dear Families,

We hope you are all doing well and are keeping healthy and safe!  As we approach the final day of virtual learning we first want to thank you for your hard work with our students in whatever form you chose as a family.  We know that these have been challenging times but the entire staff at SQMS wanted to let you know that we see you and appreciate you!

Last week, SQMS staff was in the building emptying lockers and classrooms in an effort to gather students’ belongings.  All things were collected, put in a clear bag and tagged with the student’s name.  All of the bags were brought to the cafeteria and placed on tables by homeroom.

On June 8th and 9th, we are asking the student OR one member of his/her family pick up the belongings.  The schedule for who will come when is outlined below.  If one person would like to pick up the belongings for multiple students, that is welcomed and encouraged.



JUNE 8th, 2020

JUNE 9th, 2020



8:30-9:00           8 DOREY

8:30-9:00             7 ALLEN

9:00-9:30           8 LEUSCHNER

9:00-9:30             7 DUNN

9:30-10:00         8 TUTTY

9:30-10:00           6 KOLLIOTASIS

10:00-10:30       7 VANDERTOORN

10:00-10:30         6 PROSSER

10:30-11:00       7 SURETTE

10:30-11:00         6 TUTTY


**If for some reason these times absolutely do not work for you, please contact Mr Stewart (sqmsprincipal@ssrce.ca) or Ms Thorburn (sqmsvp@ssrce.ca) as soon as possible.


We are also asking for students to drop off property that belongs to the school.  Those items include the following:

  1. Edwin Devices (Grade 6 Prosser and 6 Kolliotasis)
  2. Grade 8 Band Students: instruments, band shirts and music
  3. Girls Basketball Team: uniforms (washed please)
  4. Cheer Team: uniforms (washed please)
  5. School owned iPads
  6. Textbooks
  7. Teacher owned property that was borrowed by students


Instructions for the day:

1. If you are displaying any COVID-19 symptoms, please do not come to the school.

2. Please arrive on time.

3. Wait at the door marked ENTER using proper socially distanced practices (lines will be painted on the sidewalk to help)

4. Come into the lobby; drop off any items that belong to the school at the tables/people stationed in the foyer

5. Follow the arrows to pick up your child(ren)’s bag

6. Follow the arrows and leave through the door marked EXIT


We are hoping this will be a seamless process.  Please follow all guidelines given to keep everyone involved safe.


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Mr Stewart at sqmsprincipal@ssrce.ca or Ms Thorburn at sqmsvp@ssrce.ca.


Thank you for your co-operation!




EECD At Home Learning Activities 4th Edition: DIGITAL COPY

Dear Families:
Here is an accessible version of the At Home Learning activities for students:

EECD At Home Learning Activities- 4th Edition

The 4th Edition of Primary - Grade 9 Nova Scotia at Home Learning is ready and can be viewed on the DOEECD website -



Dear Families:

A link to your child's Term 2 Report Card and/or IPP report has been emailed to the parent/guardian email that we have on file in our system. The password is your child's birth date and you must include the dashes as indicated.

Please note that in some instances, you will need to look in your Spam/Junk folders for the link.

Please note that this report card is for TERM 2 only.  Term 2 ended on March 13 so the material that is reported in this report card is work that was completed from November 22 to March 13.  

If you are having issues accessing your child's report card please email sqms@ssrce.ca.

Thank you for your continued support!

SQMS Administration


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