We are thinking about you- A message from the SSRCE

A message from the South Shore Regional Center for Education:


All of us at the SSRCE are holding the families, friends, communities and first responders impacted by the tragic events on Sunday in our thoughts and our hearts.

As a province, we are grieving. We know that for many of us the days and weeks ahead will be difficult. We also know that we are stronger together, and together we will help each other through.

At this time, we want to remind families and students that even though we are not together as we usually are, we are here to support you. School Counsellors, School Psychologists, and SchoolsPlus staff are some of the support people that you can connect with.

Please reach out to your School Principal who can connect you with supports. If your school has provided contact information during COVID-19, please use that contact information to connect with the School Administration. School contact information can also be found on our website at https://ssrce.ca/school-directory/

Thanks everyone and stay well




At-Home Student Learning Packages: 2nd Edition

The 2nd edition of Nova Scotia’s At-Home Student Learning Package is being delivered this week via Saltwire’s flyer packages. It is also available at: https://curriculum.novascotia.ca/parentfamily-information

The 20-page handout is available in English and French, and is for children in Pre-Primary and students in grades Primary to 9. It contains information for learning at home and has assignments and projects focused on literacy and math.

We’re pleased to include play-based activities and games for Pre-Primary children in the learning package. We have heard from parents and families looking for ideas to help four-year-olds learn and have some fun at this time.

The package has been created by educators from all the Regional Centres for Education and Conseil scolaire acadien provincial, and Department staff, to ensure all students have access to quality learning experiences. We thank educators for their contribution.

More information on SaltWire delivery of learning packages is available at: https://www.saltwire.com/nshomelearning/ or call 1-800-565-3339. If you already receive flyers you will receive the learning package.

SQMS Update: April 13, 2020

Thank you parents, guardians and families! We know this new learning plan (whether it is online or on paper) is challenging! We know there are lots of questions! We know families have more to think about than education right now!

Please know that we see you...we hear you....and we are here for you!

Don't ever feel that you can't reach out to us! There is nothing we would love more than to answer your questions, give you reassurance and help you and your child through this stressful time! We are also on a major learning curve- we can help each other through this!

Do what you can, when you can! That is all we are asking of you! We are in this TOGETHER!

Take care! Stay safe! Wash your hands and don't touch your face!

-Staff from SQMS

SQMS Update: April 6, 2020

SQMS Update: April 6, 2020
Families with an Internet connection:
Students, in order to add yourself to your teacher’s Google Classroom, you need to have your GNSPES account activated. If you do not have your account activated, check out the YouTube video (https://youtu.be/HbyNhgiAZPw) to help you out.
If you still need help with this contact your teacher or Ms. Thorburn (sqmsvp@ssrce.ca)
Families without an Internet connection/unreliable internet connection:
If you do not have a reliable internet connection, no connection at all or your child does not have a device, your preference might be the At Home Student Learning Packages that will be delivered bi-weekly via the flyers.
If you presently do not receive these flyers you can call 1-800-565-3339 or visit
saltwire.com/nshomelearning to get the delivery started.
Showbie codes:
7-Allen Math       YC2RL
7-Allen French    YUWJB
7-Dunn Math      AVK4F
7-Dunn French    PPEA6
Google Classroom codes:
7-Allen Math       vwmxnpy
7-Allen French    d4poe3b
7-Dunn Math       y75va6c
7-Dunn French    zf7z7ox
8T Math              sjivq6x
7S Math             4ulp6c3
7V Math             4inu64w
8D/L Math          yn67pal
6K ELA               bgnvuki
6P ELA               kkgiivh
6T: ELA              e3tmuy7
Learning Center   373ccnz
7Dunn ELA          zxqzfn6
7Vand SS            tqdsmjk
7Surette SS         pefneul
8T ELA                fpn72gy
8L ELA                yxlzp7y
8D ELA               kjx2iuq
6P Math              e4w3kvd
6K Math              r6kxpd3
7V Science          hz6h223
7S Science          mwwtpyr
8L Science           fgsj6j
7S ELA                pdiftce
7A ELA                g6bhgla
7V ELA                b4ojun5
6 Tutty Math        5ngrdaa
6 Tutty French      p4jx5jd
7 Allen SS            xpi7ryh
7 Dunn SS           ffquilr
8 Tutty SS           g3m2kck
Sciences 6 Tutty   p2c8mfp
Sciences 7 Allen   xcjwdv
Sciences 7 Dunn   ahrdmwu
Sciences 8 Tutty   ytb8xs
Francais 8 Tutty   zbte3n
6K Science          siy7adw
6P Science          siy7adw
6K SS                 siy7adw
6P SS                 siy7adw
8D Science         kuosm4r
8D SS                n6etpyz
6T Health & Wellness Code: qqy2xbw
6K Health & Wellness Code: fbmvbso
6P Health & Wellness Code: drtxflp
7A Health & Wellness Code: uauguj6
7V Health & Wellness Code: upxcq6e
7D Health & Wellness Code: dtsh6uu
7S Health & Wellness Code: o5nrjjb
8D Health & Wellness Code: xjygok4
8L Health & Wellness Code: qhbvrop
8T Health & Wellness Code: wq4sjqz
6 Band Code: rbdsyzy
7 Band Code: w32phgr
8 Band Code: 36keshw
Students! Please share these with students in your class who may not be on Facebook!
Thank you! We hope you are all healthy! Wash your hands and stay safe!


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